About Us

The Story of RxWeb

RxWeb |‘R’ ‘x’ ‘Web’|

Rx is a Latin word meaning ‘to take’. It is often described on medical prescription reminding us to the prescribed medicines for our betterment. We bring the same spirit of Rx to the web. Just as the name suggests, RxWeb brings the best of clean code for the software community across the world.

When did it all begin?

Radixweb is the publisher of RxWeb. Experienced and passionate of the Radixweb team lead various aspects of RxWeb- however, the governance of RxWeb is independent and thousands of community members from around the world take it forward. Established in 2019,

It remains a keystone of RxWeb is a shared work between Radixweb, other leading companies and developer community who pour their experience and skills to bear on making it a trusted platform for everyone to use.

The vision for RxWeb is about clean code and purpose. First, we deliver an open-architecture for cloud-based enterprise web application in .Net Core to the world, freely, to everyone.

Whether you are a CIO managing a huge team or a developer, you can download and use RxWeb free of cost. Second, we aim to cut down time, efforts and costs of developing elegant, efficient, readable, well-written and well-structured application code - that accelerates scalability, high performance, security and deployment.

We hope RxWeb will bring something helpful to your coding- and we wish that you’ll join us shaping the future of clean code together.